The most advanced technology of house constructing in the world. Over 57 reliable systems and dozens of our own trademark solutions will provide ideal comfort, enormous savings and security

Intelligent, smart and autonomous construction of zero-energy houses is the most advanced formula of house construction in the world.

Green Angel technology is a result of a decade or so study of the high rank specialists from mixed branches. Our solutions provideself-sufficiency of water, electricity and sewage disposal as well as include smart technologies for managing of the entire building.

An entirely ready house with a quality guarantee in 7 days

No more worries about construction crew! No more need to watch them and if they work thoroughly and use quality materials. Your house will arise in our factory, is made of only high quality and cerified materials, constantly checked for any errors or mistakes. We guarantee a perfection of workmanship and materials, with the use of CNC machinery each element will have the precision of 0,1mm. For you it means a precise execution of each element of your new house. No need to worry about for eg. a drunk contractor putting a brick 2cm to the left or 4 cm to the right while executing your perfect wall. After assembly each house undergoes a special seal test so you can be sure it complies with the highest standards.

We are completely certain our construction is immaculate so we give you a 100 year guarantee.

Electricity, water and heating almost free.

Green Angel zero-energy house is most cost-efficient and the cheapest house that has ever been designed. Thanks to an innovative approach to the production phases the cost of the house is similar to the energy-saving one. Still the energy-saving house can not compare to our Green Angel construction. So choosing our house you get much more for the same price. Our solution means no electricity or heating bills, fresh water bills lower up to 98% than normal, this gives you an independence from many media suppliers!

100% safety and comfort, you have full control over everything happening in your house

Thanks to modern, smart management systems our house gives you improved safety. When on holidays or leaving children with a baby sitter, you can by the means of mobile, computer or tablet check what is happening in your house at the moment. You have remote control over all systems in your house so while away you can turn lights on or play music in order to scary potential thieves or burglars. The remote control allows you to use cameras to check if there is any suspicious activity around your house. Few hours before coming back, you can set the temperature in the house to a desired level. Due to mechanical vent systems and recuperation, the air in the house will always be fresh and healthy which is an ideal solution to allergy sufferers. The highest quality of our materials gives you safety and fire resistance.

Green Angel technology

Our success is derived from a complete change of standard linear thinking about constructing. We have implemented solutions from many branches of industry to accompany the highest quality products and most innovative equippment, to create a dream house and a dream home for many. This house allows to reduce the maintenance costs to almost zero and gives their inhabitants safety and independence.

This intelligence means effective and remote managing of all house appliances and systems and providing security and comfort for all inhabitants. The smart integrated system manages the alarm, lights, air conditioner and wents, multimedia devices and household appliances. The remote access can be acquired from for eg. a smartphone.

Thanks to the own household bio sewer treatment plant, grey water circulation device and a rain water collectors with an option of purification and reusage, we have completely made our house independent from connecting to external water supply or sewage collection media. The RES appliances and devices present in our house, provide electricity and heating that in 100% meets the needs for all inhabitants.

Green Angel house is the only zero-energy house in Poland with such a low price and maintenance costs. It results from a perfect insulating capacity and use of RES techologies. Our houses produce exactly as much electricity and heat as its inhabitants are able to consume. This makes it energy independent. When local power plant stops and all other will not have electricity you will not even notice it. If during winter ther will be a problem with pipes, the problem of lacking fresh water will not concern you.

Traditional housing looks lame compared to Green angel houses

A comparison of traditional houses and Green Angel one

Traditional house Green Angel house

Construction time

1 year

7 days

Construction lifespan

300 years

300 years

Construction precision

,,if the constructor skips 2cm – everthing is ok ”

Done with the precision of 0,1 mm on every 6 m with the use of CNC machinery

Thermal insulation

External walls: 0,3 W/m²K
Roof: 0,25 W/m²K

External walls: 0,07 W/m²K
Roof: 0,05 W/m²K

Heat consumption per m²

Traditional house: 260 kWh/m² a year
Energy-saving house: 120 kWh/m²
a year

0 kWh/m² a year

Maintenance costs

Average monthly costs
for 4 people /family (GUS):
Flat 884,80 PLN
Detached house 1200 PLN

Average monthly costs for 4 people /family:
about 56 PLN cost of ownership
(2% of standard water use for consumption)
Household sewage puryfying plant -every 3 years pumping of the sludge– 100 PLN