Green Angel Company

„Green Angel as an enterprise was born in 1999. During years 1995/97 I was responsible for implementing a pioneer programme ESCO (Energy Saving Company) designed for financing new boiler houses for state-owned and local government’s buildings. In 1992 as a general importer I have introduced Viessmann boilers to Polish market. Extensive experience from many business sectors allowed me to start financing the zero-energy housing project. Our wall and ceiling technology also had its start in year 1999. Nowadays we are able to construct houses which monthly maintenance costs limit themselves to property tax, garbage disposal fee and the cost of fresh water, this all amounts around 2% of a normal, traditional fresh water usage cost. Our Green Angel house accessory consists of almost every appliance one can imagine and desire. All this is entirely available for each Polish family.“

I am a huge fan of the „Blue Ocean Strategy“ and „The irresistible offer“, therefore I have prepared an offer noone can replicate. Neighter a developer nor a private individual. To be honest only someone who would offer houses for 0 –zero PLN could try to compete with our solution but noone besides us has come up with such an idea.

Marek Barański

Founder- Green Angel Company