With us you have the chance to spread your wings and create a project that will dazzle the whole world

Statistics show that on average each of us spends 1/3 of our lives at work, so when deciding on a job, it is important to make sure that what we are going to do is how we will develop, what environment we will be in, what the atmosphere at work will be and how much we will earn, is extremely important.

Working at Green Angel is not for everyone, because our company is unusual and working with us requires special commitment. Our mission is to build a green, ecological Poland, taking care of Polish families, their children and loved ones.

We make every effort to ensure that our homes and other programs go beyond any standard available on the market. Thanks to this we offer our customers a new quality, completely unavailable for traditional construction.

We love what we do, and the good of the country and its citizens is most important to us. We require the same care and commitment from every person in our company.

We're special! Indeed! And we are not afraid to say it out loud, because Green Angel is a completely innovative enterprise in the construction market. We are a company that goes beyond traditional thinking about construction.

Do you want to work in a positive atmosphere, with committed people, on projects that will use the most advanced technologies? Contribute to the development of the largest Polish company by taking actions that contribute to the improvement of the environment - both locally and globally?

We plan to employ mainly young, unemployed graduates of primary, secondary and higher schools due to the highest unemployment in these groups. But this does not exclude, of course, that people with experience will not get a job with us. If you believe in the idea of building a better and greener Poland, and you are an experienced person in one of the positions for which we recruit, there is also a place in our company for you.

If you are a committed, ambitious, honest person, and you are committed to the quality of your work, then you will surely find a place in our company.

What do we offer?

  • Apart from the salary at the European level - PLN 6,000 net per month for a private employee, PLN 9,000 net per month for a foreman, and even more at higher positions - we offer the possibility of professional development.
  • As the company grows and expands, we will offer the opportunity to work abroad in the above mentioned positions, starting with branch directors in Europe, China, African countries, USA, Russia, Kazakhstan (perfect knowledge of the language of the country required).
  • We believe in our employees and support them. With us, you will certainly learn English, which we want to make the basic language of communication between employees, so that when you are posted in the EU you do not get stressed out by not knowing the language.
  • Additionally, as our employee you will receive a 180 m2 house as a benefit within 3 months of your employment. This will make it much easier to start a family and keep in touch with it. We are looking for committed people who want to participate in building a project that will change the face of this country and about which people around the world will speak respectfully.

In Poland, we are planning to employ approximately. 2. 2 million people in 5-6 years.

Join one of our teams of



House Fitters

Backhoe Loaders

Drivers cat. C and C+E

Production Employees





Overhead crane operators

HR Staff

Accounting clerks


Branch managers in Poland

Beautiful, young girls to the customer service department

Handsome, young men to the customer service department

Reach Stackers

Staff to handle customs clearance

How to get a job at Green Angel?

Because we are only looking for people who have the same values as us and want to help other Poles, we will only hire committed, hardworking and honest people.

Before you send us your application, read everything below carefully.

Before we place official job advertisements on the Internet, we will start the recruitment process with people who have previously applied to us. This gives you a huge advantage over other people and the opportunity to work faster.

To make it not so beautiful, we must warn you. Because we have certain values and value honesty above all else, you too will have to sign for them. If we don't respect these values, we'll have to part. We hope you understand that. After all, it is not possible to create and develop a fantastic, supportive organization without the same values.

Please include the following wording in your application: "I agree to the processing of my personal data for the purposes of the recruitment process in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text: Dz. OJ 2002. No. 101. , pos. 926. as amended)'.