The systems installed in the house will include

Konstrukcja domu firmy Green Angel

The structure

painting exteriors with thermal insulation paint
exterior silicate structural plaster or facade boards
wall and ceiling elements manufactured on CNC machines with 0. 1 mm accuracy
Walls, floors, ceilings
Walls from MGO panels, anti-fungal, anti-mould and non-flammable (they can withstand 1100 0 C for 4h) with the ability to hold 250 kg on one expansion pin as opposed to plasterboard
in each wall inside and outside at 0. 5 m intervals grooves for additional electrical installation
Insulation of walls, floors and ceilings with 50 cm of graphite foamed polystyrene (thermal insulation capacity 0. 07 W/m2*K)
Doors and windows
sets of 3 and 4 glazing units with electronically controlled smart glass (milk glass) - toughened edge glasses
exterior doors with fingerprint lock, with digital panel and Gerda locks
Roof and foundations
insulation of foundations and roof with polyurea (25-year warranty)
after completion of installation house the tightness test is executed
Around the house
a freestanding letterbox with house number
all connections are brought to the plot boundary
laying the grass from the roller around the house or just sowing the lawn after completion of construction
path from the gate to the house made of granite slabs
4 parking spaces under a roof with full video surveillance and recorder

In addition, the whole house will be covered with a nano-coating with photocatalytic properties so that it will not get dirty and the water will run off like a duck. The durability of the coating, whose particles have a diameter of less than 100 nm, is approx. 30 years according to the supplier's assurance. Plaster, glass and photovoltaics on the roof will always be perfectly clean. We will also apply the nano-coating to the entire interior of the house, which will reduce the cost of cleaning, washing bathtubs, showers, washbasins and sinks, hardens the surface, which makes it resistant to scratches. The most interesting property of our nano-coating is that it destroys moulds, fungi, bacteria and viruses including coronavirus. It also destroys NOx, which causes acid rain (310 times more harmful than CO2 in terms of climate change impact), PM 2. 5 dusts, benzoalpha-pyrene and oil particles.

External accessory

roof mounted photovoltaic panels (12 kWp at 180 m2 house)
Drainage and sewerage system
circumferential drainage around the house
own sewage treatment plant or connection to the external sewerage system
rainwater tank
4 external cameras to monitor each parking space
automatic lawn watering system powered by pump from rainwater tank

Internal accessory

door made of solid wood
ground exchanger

Energy, water and heat

Water and sewerage system

Water system
Hot water tank 1000 l from stainless steel
water treatment plant with two UV filters and reverse osmosis
drinking water ionizer at the sink
Hans Grohe or Polish faucets of comparable quality with Nozzle Dual Flow Pro aerators, switchable 98 % water-saving
dual-circuit drinking water and other, system
Sewerage system
instead of a regular toilet seat, we use Bio Bidet BB-1000 Supreme electronic board with bidet function, with heating of the board
dual-circuit sewage system for grey and dirty water
mill under the sink for organic waste and paper
Wyposażenie techniczne domow Green Angel

Perfect design for 100 times more precision

Electric wiring

Wi-Fi equipment indoor and outdoor
structured wiring in all rooms
intelligent installation and alarm with indoor and outdoor video monitoring - 75" QLED Monitor in fixed installation with Internet connection (control of smartphone or tablet and remotely via Internet)
electrical installation with a fuse to each receiver led in a cable duct behind the skirting board
all sockets and switches in the skirting board with switching foot (clean walls)
Tesla or BYD Power Wall 2 electricity warehouse
installed LED lighting in all rooms

Heating and air conditioning

Heating with hot air through ducts routed in the suspended ceiling
Air-conditioning with the same ducts by taking the cold from the ground exchanger
Temperature control for each room separately
Domy szeregowe

Additional accessory

The house
interior painting with anti-electromagnetic paint
in bathrooms and in the kitchen above the kitchen worktop walls covered with toughened glass painted as desired
room for storing bicycles or scooters, baby strollers
built-in wardrobes
kitchen cabinets in luxury version with granite worktop together with a set of household appliances
AC 6 floor panels (resistant to female heels) or carpets in class 32-33 with 15-year warranty
Cleanliness and safety
Built-in automatic sterilization installation destroying bacteria, fungi and viruses, including coronavirus
Built-in installation producing continuously monoatomic hydrogen, which improves the immune resistance of residents, thus reducing the need for drugs by approx. 70 %. Monoatomic hydrogen destroys cancer cells. In Poland, each year about 110,000 Poles dies of cancer.
Set of Mamibot Mopa cleaning robots + Prevac vacuum cleaner and Glassvac glass robot
Additional equipment
13. 3" laptop to control intelligent installation, monitoring with 500 MB SSD e. g. HP Spectre x360 13-aw0008nw 13. 3" Intel® Core™ i7-1065G7 - 16GB RAM - 512GB Drive - Win10
on home equipment 4 electric scooters with a range of 30 km and a speed of 25 km/h allowing you to drive under the roof to a shopping mall, railway station or a loop of electric hydrogen buses. At these points, free scooter chargers alternatively 4 electric bikes