Intelligent Zero-energy Houses

A new way to your own house

A completely new generation of house constructing methods

While designing our modern Green Angel houses, we have made the impossible, possible. We established our walls and ceilings construction from scratch. This construction allows our houses to be zero-energy ones. In addition, our houses are equipped with the newest and most efficient utensils. To obtain our goal we had to invent a completely new form of constructing to make sure our house is utmost cost efficient, safe and simply better than others. What is the outcome? This is how first Green Angel intelligent, zero-energy houses arose in Poland. This is the new future of house constructing. This is a better future for Poland.


This is exactly how many days we need to deliver your modern and safe house


This is the total sum of PLN you will spend on the entire house maintenance a month


This is how much you will save on bills, each year.

Best equipped on the market.

Buying a house is considered one of the most important decisions to make in our lives and therefore one should not compromise. Green Angel house does not compromise, it is equipped with 57 newest systems and dozens of our own trademark solutions. Green Angel house is the best euipped house on the market still the most cost-efficient and cheapest to maintain. It is the best no compromise solution.

Widok z frontu na dom zero-energetyczny

Beauty, purity and fresh air, an ideal place for your family

Great life means also favourable environment to live in. It means peace, security and convenience and health. For you and most important for your children. Intelligent Green Angel house is purely ecological and clean for our planet. This is the only house with no CO2 emissions on the market. It is up to you to decide of your own neighbourhood, would you prefer black smoke chimney emitting neighbours or those who care about others and mutual good and health?

Widok z ulicy na osiedle z domami szeregowymi

Forget about high cost and high bills

Even modern cost-efficient houses look lame compared to our Green Angel houses. We have calculated savings derived from living in our house reaching up to 13 728 PLN a year in comparison to traditional housing because our house maintenance costs almost next to nothing.

Green Angel does not sell houses. Our business formula is different.

The only possibility to live in our house is to employ and work for us.

If you decide to apply for a post in our company you will be given a house as a perk. You will not have to pay for this house. Our employers construct houses for themselves, thanks to this formula they care for the quality and finish of each house. If there would be anything wrong with it they can only blame themselves or colleagues. So they make sure everything is perfect for their own work mates. The waiting time is about three months from the day new employer starts working. We construct our houses mostly in the communities where our employers live, providing that we are able to obtain grounds for the construction. In worst case scenario it will be grounds in nearest district. This helps us shorten the time needed for a ready house to be occupied. We are aiming to establish a situation in which our employers do not have to wait to move in. The special purpose law allows us to built within the nearest district boundries of each district. First we are planning to build in cities which number in Poland is 932. So in the first year the plan is to set our houses in 63 cities and in the following year other 869 ones. In 2021 we plan to additionally start our factories in 600 rural communes, we are yet not sure if it will be 100% possible so for the time being we stick to the cities. Each urban district contains of at least 2 or sometimes 3 cities. So the possibilities are enormous.